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When considering the use of a retained executive search firm to fill key leadership positions,
are you asking these questions?
  • How can we ensure accountability on the part of the search firm?
  • Are timelines & milestones clearly established for the search project?
  • Are the fees and assignment expenses fully understood by us, and do they correlate to the value we are receiving?
  • Who will actually meet, assess, and profile candidates?
  • How will our opportunity be communicated to potential candidates?
  • Will the "search" reach passive candidates in industry-leading organizations, or be limited to those already in the firm's database?
  • Is the firm capable of "delivering" candidates for hire?
  • Who will conduct the candidate reference and background checks?
  • Will we be proud of how the firm represents us in the marketplace, attracting candidates to our opportunity?
  • Will the search firm communicate promptly, provide written status reports & updates, and are they willing to respond to changes that occur in the course of the search?
  • Will candidates leave the experience feeling that they have been treated professionally and fairly?
  • Will the firm, as a partner to our organization, provide direction and even improvement to our overall selection processes?
The team at Coleman Search Consulting has established a model that we believe can answer these questions to the satisfaction of today's business organizations. 
William Coleman, CEO Quoted
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